• The key factor to deliver the best service and quality software for our clients is to use effective project management techniques. Being a customer oriented company and having an open culture inside our organization have helped us to deliver the project in best condition. We assign experienced and well known technologists of Afghanistan who are leaders of the technology. The key ability of our project managers are that they know technology, they know management and they know business and that is why they can manage to deliver the project which are acceptable both in terms of business and in terms of technology.

  • For most of our projects we use different Agile Software Development (ASD) and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies in order to deliver a high quality result, however deciding the model depends on the type of the project, its complexity and the requirements. We use popular and tested methodologies in order to deliver an agile software with quality services, as we believe that “There is no life for a bad software” and in order to have an agile software we need to use a well-organized, documented and structured approach.

Quality Assurance

One of the main quality services of Tonext is its warranty and quality assurance. In most of our projects we give up to 1 year free services and warranty which is part of our contract. We know that in software development it needs to be tested multiple times inside the organization to debug codes for building an error-free software and to ensure that the software meets our client’s expectation. As part of our risk management we consider the following steps in order to deliver a quality product.

Change Management

We separate the project into milestones and iterations. After delivering each phase of the project we ask our clients for confirming each delivery including its accurateness, error freeness and expected requirements delivery. At the each phase of the project, proposed changes will be applied in order to deliver the best quality product and as expected service for our clients.

Errors Management

Through our effective project management we plan to handle risks via multiple options. We are a customer oriented company and we work closely with our customers which reduces the risk of not being able to deliver the requirements, as our client oversights the projects and give necessary feedback to the project. We also offer up to one year free services in order to solve each and every error occurs.

Delivery Management

As part of our planning we try to reduce the risks as much as possible, one of our main abilities are delivering each phase of the project at the specific time and for that we include our most tested project members at our projects in order to deliver the best for our clients. As part of our free services we also warranty that the project is as expected, and responses to our customer’s needs.

Effective Project Team!

In project management case we always build a team for each of our projects to keep them focused, creative and innovative. We plan for everything from scratch, considering timeline, requirements, risks and much more. We prefer agile methodologies and we separate the project in to many iterations or milestones with specific deliverables and timeline. Our effective team for each project is consists of a project manager who is responsible for project tracking and overall project management, for bigger projects we also consider a project coordinator to create weekly plans for our client and to be in contact with overall the team, a technical manager who leads the technical team and builds the software architecture, design and prototyping while working closely with one or many software and technical engineers (decided according to the project) and software developers who are designing and developing the system. This approach has helped us to deliver quality services to our clients.