Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things

IOT or Internet of Things basically refers to the network of interconnected physical devices and mechanical objects that are embedded with network connectivity, sensors and software which enables them to collect and exchange data. Internet of Things solutions are creating opportunities for more direct integration of physical devices with computing systems, allowing objects to be controlled remotely across an existing network infrastructure.
Partnering with some of the largest electronic and power companies across the globe, We at Tonext provide cost effective IoT solutions that market demands.
With strong partners across the world, we aim to provide services and solutions tailored according to our clients needs.
Our solutions include;
- IoT Solutions for Transportation
- IoT for Energy
- IoT for Engineering
- IoT for Health Industry
- IoT for Education
- Smart Electronic Devices
- Electronic Equipment and Appliance
- Smart Energy Applications
- Smart Traffic Lights Solutions
- Smart Meters
- RFID Based Systems & Solutions
- IoT for security
- IoT for corruptions & fraud control
- Data Center Power and Appliance
& Many more.