If you are looking for a reliable partner to develop a custom software for you, Tonext is your choice!

Tonext is an experienced software company in custom software development namely web, mobile & database applications ranging from new software to integration, customization and maintenance. The main 4 advantages of custom software development is support, integration, scalability and maintenance in which our expert team work close with you in order to deliver what exactly your requirement is. We offer quality software services along with providing solutions with the custom software we build specifically and dedicated for your organization.

There are many kind of software built for different purposes, but in most of the cases those software can't answer to your all needs and that is why custom software development is the preferred method for most of the businesses nowadays.

Database Applications

Tonext develops fast and reliable database applications which meets your requirements to solve your problems and helps you at different aspects of your organization including management, sales, data collection, accounting and so on. We place our focus on integrity, reliability, robustness of the database applications to meet your requirements.

Web Applications

Tonext is an experienced company in developing advance web applications to keep you in touch with your target group or to help you with organization management through internet and whatever your plan is. Our web applications are responsive, secure and more durable in long run. Most of the Tonext projects are web based and can be used online or offline.

Mobile Applications

We are serving native mobile applications for Android, IOS and Windows Phone which are the most widely used mobile platforms. As mobile applications are continuously growing every day, we are eager to develop mobile applications for your business to help you extend sales, marketing, information delivery or whatever your business needs.

Major FactorsWe Consider

  • We believe that a better prototype will end up to a quality software. This is one of the most complex part of a software project where multiple meetings will be held between our software engineers to propose and analyze solutions and finally all the solutions will be integrated to create a prototype of the software.

  • We plan the whole way from the day one until end of the project. It’s important for us to deliver the project on time and as expected so we split the project in to several milestones and in each milestone we make sure specific amount of requirement is delivered in specific amount of time and the client confirmed that all the requirements have been met.

  • It is a clear matter that most of the projects fail due to lack of effective management. We place an experienced project manager to manage the project and report us continuously to be able to complete the project successfully. We consider communications, risk management, change management, reporting and delivery in order to manage the project effectively.

  • At the end of the project we make sure that every requirement has been delivered and errors ae fixed so the client will be happy with the software. It’s very important for us to say good bye to our customer putting a big smile at their face. We also provide project documentation, user guide and trainings to our client in order to help them use the software correctly.