Expand Your Sales to Infinity!

Tonext is the first company offering E-Commerce services in Afghanistan. As the name suggests, E-Commerce can help our clients to run their business or some parts of their business over the internet. With our E-Commerce solutions you can grow your business and expand your sales everywhere.

We integrate and develop different payment systems to your E-Commerce platform including Paypal, Master/Visa Cards and much more. It doesn’t matter what kind of services your company provides, we give you the right solution. Some of our E-Commcerce solutions include E-Procurement, Online stores, B2B Marketplace, Auction, Online services selling portals, and much more..

The Solution

It Doesn’t Matter What Kind Of Services Your Company Provides, We Give You The Right Solution. Some Of Our E-Commcerce Solutions Include:


  Online Stores

  B2B Marketplaces


  Online Services Selling Portal


We use different technologies in order to build an E-Commerce platform for you, and thus you can target each and every customer at your potential market all over the world. Our expert team goes hand in hand with your business to promote and achieve your online goals.

Our E-Commerce solutions can help your business to promote and sell over the internet, and you can find customers all over the region. If you have not experienced it yet, we can help you with our technical and online services in order to promote and grow your E-Commerce platform.