Our Vision

Don’t you feel the change?

Computerizing Institution Daily Operations!

Tonext software development company, has the vision for an initiative of making all universities/schools digitalized through implementing the online education institution management system in Afghanistan.

It is an All in One MIS !

Our education institution management System is an all in one online application to help your university/school manage it’s all aspects through one software giving different access to different levels of your university/school.

Your Current Problems!

We are here to solve your Problems!


Each student at the university/school has a lot of data to be handled by university/school while keeping and managing the data is very hard and time consuming.

Student Management

Students are the blood of the University/school, where institution’s income comes from and where all of the University/School stand on them. .

Time Wasters

Today most of the university’s/school’s time is wasted with the pen and paper systems and it doesn’t only waste their time but makes it harder to manage.

Pen & Paper

Current pen and paper system is ancient and not reliable.
There are possibilities of frauds, mistakes and time wasting.

Our Solution

Introducing the simplest and most comprehensive Education Institution Management System


A platform to manage all aspects of your University/School including Examination & Marks, Finance, Student Fees, Employees,
Taxes and all other stuff needed at your University/School.


We know what exactly you need! We have developed a platform for you, where you can manage all aspects of the platform and get necessary reports everywhere.


To automate your daily operations within the software to give you access for different part of your University/School including Student Fees, Examination, Ministry Report and much more.

Student Management

Manage your students anytime!

Students Profile

Create a profile for each student to keep track and manage it’s data.

Search Students

Search and find students using the advanced and general search options.

Report & Others

Get report of the students, manage it’s discount, manage it’s documents, edit and much more.

Examination Management

Manage your exams effectively

Manage Marks

Add, delete and edit your 20% and final marks and get reports instantly.

Upgrade Students

Get results of the students in credit based and upgrade succeed students. .

Print Ministry Report

Print Exam sheet, marks (shuqa) and report for the ministry instantly.


Manage your Administration effectively!

Library Management (Add, Remove, Sell and Edit Books), Inventory Management, Staff Information-profile and management, Staff attendance,
professor’s profile and management, etc.


Manage your Library (Sell, Rent and Edit Books), Keep track of your Library anytime.


Manage your attendance effectively from each and every user.


Manage your Employees and Lecturers Instantly from their profile.


Manage your University/School lecturers and register them to keep track of them.

Finance & Accounting

Manage your Finance Everywhere!

Student Monthly, Examination, Chances and Admission Payment and report, generate and print slips, payroll management, taxation, expenses management, other incomes management, USD and Af support and automated calculations, etc.

Student Fees

Get Student fees and print slips instantly.


Pay your employees salary and print a sip for them.


Manage your expenses and keep track of them.


Generate tax report without wasting your time.

Kankor Examination

Manage your Kankor through the platform!

Kankor terms, register students, print exam cards, automated ID generation, examination results entry, generating results and registration to the university after succeeding the exam, etc.

Kankor Terms

Manage Kankor terms. Add, remove, start and stop Kankor terms.

Examination Card

Register students and print examination cards for them.

Generate Results

Generate results of the students automatically.


Get instant reports!

Reports Generation and Print for Income, Expenses, Quarter and Yearly Taxes on payroll and income, Students Payment and slip based calculation & report, financial report and much more.

Income Report

Get report of your income from student payments.

Expenses Report

Get report of your expenses in daily, monthly and yearly basis.

Tax report

Generate taxation report including BRT, payroll and yearly.

Timely bound

Get timely report according to the day, month and year.