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Tonext is one of the best portals development company in Afghanistan. We are building rich online portals for collaborations and communities, media and entertainments, News Flow, Products Catalog, HR portals, Marketplaces and many other types of web portals as part of this solution. Our web portals services include Ecommerce platforms, online communication portals, document & content management, customer services, digital media distribution and much more.

Modern Web Portals & Web Sites

We are here to make you love your next web application by providing you modern, responsive, well prototyped, considering user experience and your target group portals and websites.

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Website Design & Development

Our Web Portals

E-Commerce Platforms

We are the first company offering ecommerce solutions at Afghanistan. Tonext builds automated B2B and B2C marketplaces which enables you to sell your products and services through internet.

Customer Services

Tonext offers customer services solutions to help you be in contact with your customers through the internet to solve your customer problems or to send a business message for them.

Digital Media Distribution

We serve digital media distribution portals for you to manage and distribute digital contents such as videos, audios, live streaming, web conferences and much more.

Documents & Content Management

Our document and content management solutions enables you to dynamically bring changes at your system and to insert, update and delete your documents and content.

Online Communication Portals

We develop fast, reliable and easy to use portals which helps you to communicate online with your team and customers to help you work remotely.