Educational Solution

Education Management Solution

Tonext IT Services company, has the vision for an initiative of making all universities and schools digitized through implementing the online education management system in Afghanistan.
Our Education Management System is an all in one online application to help your school/university/institution manage it’s all aspects through one software giving different access to different levels of your organization.
We are providing you a platform to manage all aspects of your institution including Examination & Marks, Finance, Student Fees, Employees, Taxes and all other stuff needed at your organization.
We know what exactly you need!
We have developed a platform for you, where you can manage all aspects of the platform and get necessary reports everywhere.
The system automates your daily operations within the software to give you access for different part of your institution including Student Fees, Examination, Ministry Report and much more.

Main Features

Student Management

Create a profile for each student to keep track and manage it’s data. Search and find students using the advanced and general search options.


Add, delete and edit your students marks and get reports instantly. Print Exam sheet, marks and reports instantly.


Get Student fees and print slips instantly. Manage your expenses and keep track of them. Pay your employees salary. Generate tax report without wasting your time.