Intelligent Systems Design & Engineering

Intelligent Systems

We at Tonext, provide cost effective intelligent systems design and engineering services for various engineering and facilities requirements. We are pioneers of Intelligent systems in Afghanistan. We have formed strong partnerships with various engineering, electronics and technology companies for increasing our capabilities in regards to implementing various medium to large projects in the country.
The increasing demand for transportation facilities, clean energy, engineering facilities management and beyond has led the planners to widen and build new solutions. Intelligent systems is a basic need for resolving the issues such as traffic density, energy and facilities such as building, governmental processes and beyond.
Partnering with some of the largest electronic and power companies across the globe, We at Tonext provide cost effective IoT solutions that market demands.
With strong partners across the world, we aim to provide services and solutions tailored according to our clients needs.
Our solutions include;
- Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
- Intelligent Energy Management Solutions
- RFID Based Integrated Systems
- Smart Traffic Signal Control Systems
- Electronic Tolling System
- Intelligent Systems for corruptions & fraud control
& Many more.